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Movie Discussion - Describing a Movie

Didn't understand:

"Do you remember the scene when Mary walked into the dining room?  Why was she carrying a knife?  She didn't use it and the cameras focused on it."
"I can't understand why she betrayed him.  The whole movie concentrated on her trust and loyalty.  It just doesn't make sense."

Good Scene:

"I love the scene when Russell Crowe showed his face to the emperor after the first gladiator fight."
"What did you think about the last fight scene between Neo and Agent Smith in the rain?"
"The courtroom scene between Jodie Foster and Richard Gere was absolutely amazing."

Great Movie:

"That was such a cool movie.  It was the best movie I've seen in a long time."
"Anytime I see a great movie I tend to look at my watch often.  That's because I don't want the movie to end."
"The movie was great.  I liked everything about it.  I'm definitely going to buy the dvd."

Situational questions:

"What would you have done?  Would you have taken the million dollars and give up your wife for a night?"
"Would you choose money and fame, or family and stability?"

Some movies are known to be 'based on a true story.'  These types of movies are very interesting because they actually happened.  The only reason they are not considered to be a non-fiction movie is because the director or writer will add some scenes that didn't happen, or change some facts around so the movie is more appealing to the masses.

A conversation can start from movies such as Schindler's List.  When coming out of a theatre, I heard a couple talk briefly about this.

"What did you think about the movie?"
"I thought it was great.  It was very powerful."
"How much of it do you think was true?"
"I learned about Germany and World War II in one of my classes, and this movie showed everything I learned from class."
"Wow.  It's amazing that these things have happened in our history."

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